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Los Almendros
Logotipo Restaurante Los Almendros

Eating delicious Yucatecan
Merida, Yucatan, MX.

since 1962

Los Almendros
Logotipo Restaurante Los Almendros
More of five decades have witnessed the commitment that in "Almendros" acquired to provide the most selected yucteca kitchen.

Restaurant Los Almendros, were created to preserve and publicize the unique taste of the cuisine of Yucatan, looking to satisfy the most discerning diner's palate.

Poc Chuc, Soup Cheese and Caper Sauce Turkey and others are creations we offer along with a wide variety of delicious dishes of traditional cuisine of Yucatan.

In 1962 created the first restaurant Los Almendros in Ticul, Yucatan soon becomes an attractive, welcoming countless visitors to the city of Merida and the entire region.

The success in several years drives our founder to create another restaurant los Almendros in Mérida in 1972.

Through the years, Los Almendros, consolidated as genuine representatives of Yucatan cuisine, being recognized nationally and internationally now have branches only in Merida, Yucatan.

In 1991 comes a link in the chain, Gran Almendros in Merida, Yucatan.

Today as always, Restaurant Los Almendros is distinguished by the excellence of its cuisine and take pride in ... "Preserving the world for Mexico and the Yucatan Cuisine".

Los Almendros
Logotipo Restaurante Los Almendros

Thanks to our high quality and commitment to customer, we offer cathering to delivery or in we rooms.

The capacity of our rooms is:

Chichen itza - 20 people.
Mestiza - 30 people.
Ticul - 60 people.
Mérida - 100 people.
Los Almendros
Logotipo Restaurante Los Almendros
Some photos from Merida
Los Almendros
Logotipo Restaurante Los Almendros
Reservations by Phone: +52 (999) 928-54-59

Mérida, Yucatán
Parque de la Mejorada, Centro Historico
Phone +52 (999) 923-81-35